Bowling Restaurant Manta, Prague

What we offer

  • 6 professional AMF bowling lanes
  • Fully air-conditioned non-smoking area
  • Restaurant with bar and café in gallery with attractive view over bowling
  • Bowling bar and service
  • Large Full HD projection
  • Lunch menu
  • Venue for company or private events with capacity of up to 150 people
  • Elegant interior with ocean theme
  • Lounge
  • Wine store with premium Czech and international wines
  • Table football and amusements for adults, Darts.
  • Wheelchair accessible throughout the building
  • Summer garden
  • Parking spaces in front of the building
  • Free WiFi

Bowling Manta was founded in 2002. Since that time, we’ve become a fixture and one of the major providers of bowling services.

Enjoy your time here!

Manta Bowling Team

We hold bowling tournaments

 Amateur Bowling League


 Manta Strike Shop 9

Manta Strike Shop 9

 Local Bowling League Manta

Local Bowling League Manta