How new Manta was founded

Okay, let’s do it!

The lane surfaces and run-ups are behind us, so far it seems easy

We still feel nothing can surprise us

Okay, we don’t have that feeling any more

Tidiness is for idiots; the clever can manage chaos too

A few days cleaning and it was tidy again

The quiet before the storm, we’re waiting for the lorries from overseas

The journey from the USA was long and the waves were high

The first lorry is unloaded, 23 tons of wood as the foundations under the lanes

A couple of screws will fix it, well more like 7500 screws will fix it

Disassembly is always easier than assembly

Nothing is as easy as it looks

There’s no space for error or deviation here

The new Qubica AMF pinsetters can’t wait to be in their places

Tons of wood and thousands of screws already in place

After twenty days, it again looks like bowling